A music video birthday blog.

Saturday, May 17, 2008

Trent Reznor

Happy birthday to Trent Reznor, born this day in 1965! Here he is backing up David Bowie in 1995--Bowie's singing Nine Inch Nails' "Hurt." Wow.

Malcolm Hale

Happy birthday to the late Malcolm Hale, born this day in 1941! Here he is with Spanky and Our Gang in 1968, doing a rather odd version of Leonard Cohen's "Suzanne."

Friday, May 16, 2008

Jonathan Richman

Happy birthday to Jonathan Richman, born this day in 1951! Here he is circa 1981, performing "I'm a Little Dinosaur," introduced by Ivor Cutler.

Robert Fripp

Happy birthday to Robert Fripp, born this day in 1946! Here he is with King Crimson--a circa-1981 performance of "Elephant Talk." Wow, Adrian Belew is seriously channeling David Byrne, isn't he?

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Brian Eno

Happy birthday to Brian Eno, born this day in 1948! And here he is with yesterday's birthday boy David Byrne--the 1981 video for "Mea Culpa."

Ian Amey

Happy birthday to Ian Amey, a.k.a. Tich of Dave Dee, Dozy, Beaky, Mick and Tich, born this day in 1944! Here they are in 1966, doing "Bend It."

Wednesday, May 14, 2008


Happy birthday to Shanice, born this day in 1973! Here's her 1991 video for "I Love Your Smile."

David Byrne

Happy birthday to David Byrne, born this day in 1952! Here he is with Talking Heads in 1980, playing "Crosseyed and Painless" on German TV.

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Bea Arthur

Happy birthday to Bea Arthur, born this day in 1922! Here she is singing "Sniff Swig Puff" with Rock Hudson in 1980. Oh my.

Stevie Wonder

Happy birthday to Stevie Wonder, born this day in 1950! Here he is in 1972 or so, playing "Superstition" on Sesame Street. WOW.

Mary Wells

Happy birthday to the late Mary Wells, born this day in 1943! Here she is in 1963, singing "Two Lovers" and "Bye Bye Baby" at the Apollo.

Monday, May 12, 2008

Billy Swan

Happy birthday to Billy Swan, born this day in 1944! Here he is in 1974, playing "I Can Help."

Ian Dury

Happy birthday to the late Ian Dury, born this day in 1942! Here's a 1977 performance of "Sex & Drugs & Rock & Roll" by Ian Dury & the Blockheads.

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Carla Bley

Happy birthday to Carla Bley, born this day in 1938! Here she is with the Carla Bley Big Band, performing "Song Sung Low."

Les Chadwick

Happy birthday to Les Chadwick, born this day in 1943! Here he is in 1963 with Gerry & the Pacemakers, playing "I Like It" on TV.